Michaela Greiter

Supply Chain Project Management, Unternehmen: D. Swarovski KG

Greiter Michaela

Study program: Industrial Engineering & Management Master

When I look back at my time at MCI...

... technical challenges, especially in the technical subjects
... challenging time management in part-time studies
... Interesting lectures with interesting personalities from politics, business and industry
... Pleasant environment - premises, information desk, ..
... Pleasant cooperation with MCI staff
... Appreciation towards the student, responding to personal wishes and ideas - Study colleagues who have formed a sustainable network today and become friends

How did your studies prepare you for your current job?

The studies have created the professional basis - in my current job I am confronted daily with terms from fields such as accounting, controlling, investment & financing, (production) logistics, ERP systems, HR and change management. Through scientific work during my studies, I have learned to tackle problems in a structured way and to present and document procedures and results with the appropriate method. During my studies, tasks had to be solved in teams on an ongoing basis. In other words, tasks had to be broken down into sub-areas with responsibilities, goals with timelines having to be defined, and a suitable form of communication having to be found together. This allowed me to gain experience with teamwork even before starting my career. The part-time studies offered me a "playground" or a secure environment to expand my knowledge and experience and to try out new methods.