Ameli Dippon (nee Lehner)

Technischer Vertrieb, NOXON Automation GmbH & Co KG, Pforzheim

Ameli Dippon
Ameli Dippon

Study Program: Industrial Engineering and Management (Master)

When I look back at my time at MCI...

... a strenuous, demanding study with a tight schedule
... a great support by all departments (personnel, IT, tutors, faculty, organization, ...)
... great seminars
... the honest interest in each and every student.
... a strong cohesion of the cohort
... hard negotiations with the faculty in search of a sustainable consensus.
... I think of a university that really wants to mentor you.

How did your studies prepare you for your current job?

"The practical training prepared me very well for the interface function in technical sales. I ended up in mechanical engineering and not in process engineering, but as a student you learn to acquire knowledge on your own and therefore I was able to fill this gap. For me, the sales training by Mr. Pinczolits was enormously valuable. He taught us a scientific view of the sales activity and I still profit from it very much today".

"During my Master Degree studies, I started working for Hilti AG in the office. This position taught me about piecework and how to deal with complaints, but restricted me professionally. The cornerstone of my career was set in the sales department, but I am very happy about the development that followed. I enjoy working for my employer very much and am grateful for a very good and fair relationship with a fair boss. From the beginning, the reins have always been loose and I can work independently. This affirmation of trust motivates me every day to pursue my sales task conscientiously and in a disciplined manner. This discipline and self-responsibility was ingrained in me during my time at MCI. The contact with the head of studies is still very valuable to me and I am a proud graduate".