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Short Facts
  • Time model: Full-time with courses from Wed-Fri/Sat ("job-friendly")
  • Language: English
  • Duration of study: 4 semesters | 120 ECTS
  • Prerequisites: Bachelor or equivalent degree in relevant studies or studies comprising a certain level of relevant ECTS points
  • Academic Degree: Master of Arts in Business | MA or M.A.
  • Next starting date: Fall 2019
  • Application: ongoing

Before studying

As a commencing student you may have many questions: What does the desired course of studies teach me? How do I apply? What are the requirements for admission to studying at MCI, and what is the application deadline? What are my career options after graduation? Below you will find all the answers and information you may need.


Lecturer and student checking some documents

Case studies, integrative project assignments, and cross-disciplinary projects form an integral part of the program and provide students with excellent career prospects on the international labor market.

The innovative International Business & Law Master’s degree offered by MCI provides in-depth training in business administration, strategic management, and business law. With its interdisciplinary and practical approach, the program places a particular focus on international and multicultural aspects. The language of instruction is English. Graduates of the program have a thorough understanding of the interrelations between business and law in global corporate processes. With their legal and economic problem-solving competence, our graduates fulfill the qualification requirements to become decision makers in the field of international management.

Moreover, graduates of International Business & Law have acquired relevant communication skills, know how to negotiate in English, and are familiar with practical issues.

The Master’s degree course targets individuals with a Bachelor’s degree, a diploma, or equivalent degree related to law, business law, management, or business administration.

Ralf Geymayer
Prof. Dr. Ralf Geymayer Head of Department & Studies +43 512 2070 - 3600

If you have any questions concerning the study program, please contact us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., Tel:+43 512 2070-3600

Consultancy situation between MCI staff and future student


Applications for admission are accepted on a rolling basis. The required documents are to be submitted online. Applicants are welcome to apply for multiple programs of study, as long as a plausible rationale is given. The final decision may be taken by the end of the application procedures.



Entrance Exam

Date 1* 19, Nov 2018 29, Nov 2018 03, Dec 2018
Date 2 04, Feb 2019 14, Feb 2019 18, Feb 2019
Date 3 01, Apr 2019 11, Apr 2019 15, Apr 2019
Date 4 03, Jun 2019 13, Jun 2019  17, Jun 2019


 *recommended for applications from non-EU countries

The program accepts:

Graduates of relevant Bachelor programs. For example: Management & Law, Business Law, Law & Economics, Economics, Business Administration, International Business Administration.
Graduates of other Bachelor or post-secondary programs comprising courses in Strategic Management / Business Administration, Marketing, Controlling / Accounting and Law (totaling a minimum of 120 ECTS).

Information for graduates whose previous degree is based to a significant extent on formally acknowledged recognition of prior learning:
In this case it may be possible that the legal and/or degree specific admission requirements are not or only partly fulfilled. Please consider the relevant legal regulations for this instance (§ 4 Abs 4 iVm § 12 FHStG). We will gladly provide further information and consultation via email or phone (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.; Ext. 1621).

Recognition of previous qualifications in the master program:
Applications for recognition of examinations or credits obtained through other study programs or previous scientific experience must be submitted to the Head of Department & Studies. A decision will only be taken in cases where the application for admission has been approved and accepted. Recognition of credits or previous experience is only granted for individual classes in the program.

Information sheet - admission ( pdf | 43.21K )

The places available will be allocated on the basis of the following criteria:

Career background - 30%
The applicant’s professional background is considered on the basis of submitted application materials. Particular attention is paid to:

  • Education and certificates
  • Academic and professional goals
  • Professional experience

Written entrance exam - 30%
The written entrance exam tests the applicant’s knowledge in English, Law and Business Studies.
Applicants with the following scores of English certificates are not required to take the English exam (date of issue: no longer than 2 years ago at time of application):

  • TOEFL score at a minimum of 90 internet-based, 240 computer-based or 580 paper-based
  • Cambridge Business English Certificate (BEC) Higher, Level A in all 4 skills
  • Cambridge Certificate in Advanced English, Level A in all 4 skills
  • IELTS, Level B and score 7.0 in the academic module

Interview - 40%
The interview is conducted by a commission and gives applicants the opportunity to present themselves personally, to expand on information provided in the application materials, and to explain their academic and professional goals. The interview is held in English.

Applicants are informed as soon as possible regarding their admission. Applicants who are not admitted due to the limited number of places are put on a waiting list and can – if they are still interested – be admitted if a place becomes available.

Student selecting a book from a shelf in the library

While studying

MCI study programs stand out due to the quality of their content, relevance to the business world, and their international orientation. The close cooperation with partners from  industry and integrative internships enable students to gain practical experience as early as in their Bachelor’s studies. In addition to providing expert knowledge, MCI places great importance on encouraging personal development and the development of social and intercultural competencies.

International Business & Law

Although considered a full-time program, the course allows students to combine work and study due to its job-friendly structure. The third semester may be spent anywhere in the world at one of MCI’s many partner institutions. This international experience not only broadens the students’ horizons, but also provides them a glimpse of international markets and the opportunity to establish valuable contacts. Moreover, it helps them strengthen their cultural, social, as well as linguistic skills. This international focus provides a mainstay throughout the program and is reflected  in the choice of lecturers teaching in the program: many of them come from international businesses and higher education institutions abroad.


Time model
Full-time; courses from Wednesday noon to Friday/Saturday evening ("job-friendly")
Academic year
Winter semester: end of September – February
Summer semester: beginning of March – mid July
1st – 3rd semester: Core curriculum
3rd semester: International semester optionally abroad
4th semester: Master thesis
Tuition fees
For students from EU & EEA countries: EUR 363 / semester plus membership fee to the Austrian Student Union (ÖH). Details & information for students from third countries can be found at admission.

Module overview

Applied economic science 50%
Applied legal science 25%
Transdisciplinary projects & social skills 15%
Foreign language 10%


International Strategic Management        
Introduction to International and Global Management 2 | 2,5      
Cross Cultural Business 2 | 3      
Management Strategy 2 | 3      
Contemporary Research and Practice 3 | 3      
International Political Economy        
Introduction to International Economics 2 | 2,5      
Global Economic Framework   2 | 3    
Elective 1***: Experimental Economics   2 | 4    

***Elective 1: Studierende wählen einen der beiden angebotenen Kurse

Semester Credit Units| ECTS-Credits

Strategic Organization        
Strategic Simulation     2 | 3  
Entrepreneurship     2 | 3  
Mergers and Acquisitions     2 | 3  
Elective 1***: Innovation Management   2 | 4    
Humans and Organizations        
International Personnel Management   2 | 3    
International and European Labor Law   1 | 1,5    
International Leadership     1 | 1,5  
Organizational Behaviour   2 | 2,5    

***Elective 1: Studierende wählen einen der beiden angebotenen Kurse

Semester Credit Units| ECTS-Credits

International Taxation   1 | 1,5    
International Accounting     2 | 3  
International Finance     2 | 3  
Business Criminal Law   1 | 1,5    
Financial Risk Management     1 | 1,5  
Elective 2****: Financing Global Growth   2 | 3    

****Elective 2: Studierende wählen einen der beiden angebotenen Kurse

Semester Credit Units| ECTS-Credits

Branding, Marketing & Sales        
International & Global Marketing 2 | 3      
International Sales Organization   1 | 1,5    
International Marketing Research   1 | 1,5    
Elective 2****: Strategic and Intercultural Branding   2 | 3    
International Business Law        
International Private Law 2 | 3      
Intellectual Property 2 | 2,5      
International Product Liability 1 | 1,5      

****Elective 2: Studierende wählen einen der beiden angebotenen Kurse

Semester Credit Units| ECTS-Credits

European Legal Enforcement and Arbitral Jurisdiction   1 | 1,5    
European Competition Law     2 | 3  
European Company Law     1 | 1,5  
Business Ethics     1 | 1,5  
Recent Developments in Single European Market   2 | 2,5    

Semester Credit Units| ECTS-Credits

Transdisciplinary Projects / Master Thesis        
Research Methods     2 | 3  
General Management Experience     2 | 3  
Integrative Synopsis       2 | 4
Recent Economic and Legal Developments       3 | 3
Master Thesis       | 23
English Communication 2 | 3 2 | 3    
Academic & Business Writing 2 | 3      

Semester Credit Units| ECTS-Credits

Students have the chance to gain an additional academic degree at one of the following partner universities:

  • Università Carlo Cattaneo - LIUC (IT; Laurea Magistrale)
  • Edinburgh Napier Universit (GB; Master of Science, M.Sc.)
  • Kingston University London (GB; Master of Laws, LL.M.)

  • Industrial sector
  • Trading companies
  • Tax advisory and auditing
  • Business consultancy
  • Banks and insurance companies / investment counselling
  • Communications and information transmission
  • Interest groups / public administration
  • Higher education

Learning Goals

In order to ensure the transfer of learning and to enable students to develop relevant competencies, MCI has defined clear cross-curricular learning goals. These describe, in detail, the knowledge and skills acquired by our graduates on completion of their studies at MCI.

Our graduates are effective communicators in their field of work.

Our students can discuss problems, ideas, and solutions with specialists and non-specialists.

Our graduates are competent in applying scientific methods to solve practical problems.

Our students can apply relevant theories and appropriate scientific methods in their field of work.

Our students can act according to ethical principles when doing scientific work.

Learning Goals International Business & Law

Upon graduation our students will have acquired knowledge of the fundamental economic theories, concepts, and institutions of international trade and their relevance for international business activities.

Our students will be able to work out and apply tailored market entry strategies based on an in-depth economic analysis and according to the goals and the potential of the respective institution; Our students understand the nature of the entrepreneurial process and the needs of new venture creation and can identify, initiate and support these processes in an international environment.

Learning Goals International Business & Law

Our graduates will be aware of the opportunities, as well as legal risks, of doing business in international and particularly local markets worldwide.

Our students will be able to analyse and develop specific market entry strategies within a given legal framework; Our students will know the legal aspects relevant for distribution in foreign markets particularly in view of intellectual property, product liability and business criminal law.

Research & Development

At the Entrepreneurial School®, providing a consistent link between science and practice has top priority. Therefore, we provide our students plenty of opportunity to put their newly acquired knowledge to practice, even during their studies. The collaboration with companies and organizations of different sizes and sectors forms one of the cornerstones of the MCI concept. Such cooperative work does not only benefit our students, but also, ­to a large extent our partners.

Active involvement in R & D projects forms an integral part of the study program. This enables students – while still at university – to develop solutions for the future while building up contacts with companies from a variety of sectors.

Focus of research:

  • Strategy, Mergers & Acquisitions
  • European Union (Business) Law
  • Corporate Social Responsibility & Business Ethics
SMA Research Lab

The main idea of SMA Research Lab is to gain a deeper understanding of the Strategy, Mergers & Acquisition phenomenon. Thus, SMA Research Lab tries to deliver a high-class contribution to the scientific community with publications, conferences and speeches. In these research activities “top students” from MCI Management Center Innsbruck, Innsbruck University and other partner institutions, are challenged and developed.


After studying

Graduates of the program are conferred the academic title of Master of Arts in Business, in short MA or M.A. This is attested by a leaving certificate, the Master diploma, the international diploma supplement, and further documents where relevant. MCI Alumni are entitled to combine their academic degree with the brand “MCI” to provide trust and orientation in an increasingly intransparent international education market. Example: BSc (MCI).
Source: GZ BMWF-52.330/0195-I/6/2013

Success Stories

MCI Alumni & Friends provides a dynamic service platform promoting contacts, image, professional careers, and personal development of MCI and its graduates. We are delighted with all the graduates who choose to stay in touch even long after completion of their studies, and allowing us to be a part of their various careers:

Questions and Answers

Yes, it is possible and it is even recommended that you apply before obtaining your Bachelor’s Degree certificate in order to secure one of the limited places in your desired course of study. Please include the most recent transcript of records in your application. Should your application be successful, the Bachelor’s certificate is to be submitted by the start of your studies.

Multiple applications are welcome as long as a plausible reason is provided in your cover letter. If you are admitted to two or more study programs, you are required to inform us of your final decision by the conclusion of the application procedures.

The entrance examination is based online and can, therefore, also be completed from abroad. You can choose for the panel interview to be conducted online via Skype or on the MCI campus.

Visit the homepage of our department where, in the Admissions section, you can find relevant preparation materials for the written entrance examination. Once we have received your application, you will receive relevant information including tips and advice on how to prepare for the exam.

For citizens of the following countries, the tuition fee is 363 euros per semester plus a fee for compulsory membership to the Austrian National Union of Students:

  • EU citizens,
  • EEA and Swiss citizens, and
  • non-EU citizens who, according to § 2 of the University of Applied Sciences Studies Act, are subject to § 1 of the Regulation on Eligible Groups of Persons (see Federal Law Gazette II No. 340/2013, in its current version).

For students of non-EU countries not considered eligible according to above regulations, the tuition fee is as follows:

  • Bachelor’s courses: 5,000 euros / semester plus compulsory Austrian National Union of Students membership fee
  • Master’s courses: 7,000 euros / semester plus compulsory Austrian National Union of Students membership fee

Your application documents regarding nationality will be assessed in detail as part of your admission procedure. Scholarships are available for applicants from non-EU countries and can be applied for as part of your online application.

Attendance is mandatory in all classes. If you miss 25% of a course or more, this will have an effect on your final grade.

Exemption from mandatory attendance may be granted if a valid reason is given (e.g. sickness, visit to authorities or other personal reasons). Please submit your written request including relevant proof to the department for approval.

The part-time (or job-friendly) model of organization, to a certain degree, enables students to work and gain practical experience while they study.

Lectures and seminars in full-time courses are held on weekdays. To facilitate a more intense discussion of individual topics, some lessons may also be organized in blocks.

Classes in the International Business & Law program usually take place between Wednesday noon and Saturday afternoon. Each day of class comprises up to eight teaching units. In exceptional cases, class times may vary: courses and/or examinations may also be scheduled outside these times.

IBL VL Zeiten

The Master’s degree allows students to select two of the following elective courses: Experimental Economics, Strategic & Intercultural Branding, Innovation Management, or Financing Global Growth. The Master thesis is also the perfect opportunity to deepen your previous qualifications.

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