Simon Poschinger

Operations Manager, Tesla Motors Austria GmbH

Simon Poschinger
Simon Poschinger


Study Program: Management & Law (Bachelor)  |  International Business & Law (Master)

When I look back at my time at MCI...

When I look back on my time at MCI today, I see a phase of personal and professional development that has laid a solid foundation for my current job. Studying at MCI not only gave me valuable academic foundations, but also developed practical skills that benefit me in my work every day. The opportunity to study in America for a semester and spend a year in Taiwan as part of my master's degree further enriched this experience and opened up new perspectives for me.

How did your studies at MCI prepare you for your current job?

Studying at MCI has prepared me perfectly for my current job by providing me with the necessary foundation and basic knowledge in the fields of international business and law. The practice-oriented training and the opportunity to work on real case studies helped me to develop important skills that I can apply directly in my professional practice. In particular, the experiences during my semester abroad in America and my academic year in Taiwan have strengthened my intercultural skills and prepared me to operate successfully in a global environment.

What would you tell someone who is considering studying at MCI?

I would recommend anyone thinking about studying at MCI to take this opportunity to lay a solid foundation for their future career.

MCI offers a good academic education based on practical experience, allowing students to develop relevant skills that are in demand in today's working world. The opportunity to gain international experience, whether through semesters abroad or by working with international students, is another important aspect that makes MCI an attractive choice.

What is your motto?

"Once is a mistake, twice is jazz" This slogan reminds me that mistakes and setbacks are inevitable, but that they also offer opportunities to be creative and find new ways of doing things.