Luzia Hawthorne

Bio Services Associate Project Manager, Q2 Solutions – A Quintiles and Quest Joint Venture

Luzia Hawthorne

Study program: International Health & Social Management (Master)

When I look back at my time at MCI...

I think of my fellow students from all over the world as well as two years of knowledge transfer with lecturers from business and academia.
I think of my Master's thesis and the excellent supervision provided by MCI.
I think of two years filled with interesting topics and challenges, and a time I just wouldn’t want to have missed.

How did your studies prepare you for your current job?

The combination of a Bachelor’s degree in biotechnology and a Master’s degree in IHSM turned out to be the perfect blend of natural science and business studies. It clearly provided me with a competitive edge on the job market. During my studies at MCI, I acquired skills in various areas such as project management, business administration, leadership, legal issues and international teams. Together with the natural science knowledge, this was the perfect preparation for a job in the pharmaceutical, CRO and life science industries