Isabella Pernthaner-Schneider

Head of project management and technical coordination, Tauernkliniken GmbH

Isabella Pernthaner-Schneider
Isabella Pernthaner-Schneider

Study program: International Health & Social Management (Master)

When I look back at my time at MCI...

... I'm glad to have chosen a study program like this for my Master degree. It was characterized by lecturers with practical experience who imparted their very exciting insights. Through fellow students from different countries, I learned a lot about health systems from all over the world and was able to benefit from different approaches and perspectives in the context of group work.

How did your studies prepare you for your current job?

The study program at MCI complemented my Bachelor degree well, which I had graduated in biomedical informatics, because I was able to gain the management aspect in the health sector. In my work as a project manager and interface between IT, technology and management, some topics from the Master degree have become an important basis.

What would you tell someone who is considering studying at MCI?

A very practice-oriented study program with interesting and versatile lecturers. The courses have a limited number of students. It is a demanding study program that requires a certain discipline, which can be seen as a very positive aspect.