Benjamin Waldhart

Managing Partner, nexpera GmbH

Benjamin Waldhart

Study program: Management & IT (Diplom)

When I look back at my time at MCI...

I often miss the close and personal, usually very practical and sometimes even family-like exchange with my peers and the MCI lecturers. I miss the amazing scenery in Innsbruck. MCI is located in the heart of the Tyrolean capital, which is surrounded by the Berg Isel Mountain, the Nordkette Mountains, the river Inn and many fantastic ski areas and swimming lakes. Last but not least, I miss the outstanding personal assistance provided by our program director and his hard-working team. Especially during my time at universities abroad I learned that this type of (Tyrolean) service quality is not common standard, and that many universities still have a long way to go.

How did your studies prepare you for your current job?

Our interdisciplinary program at MCI provided a unique mix of business and economics with IT and social skills, foreign languages and computer classes. My stays abroad in Italy (Erasmus), the UK (internship) and Germany (graduand internship in cooperation with a software and consultancy company) and our academic discourse with the MCI lecturers served as an excellent basis for the Master of Science I then did in Maastricht and my subsequent career in Munich. I have been working in my profession for almost seven years now and am specialized on sourcing executives and specialists in the field of finance, predominantly at the interface of information technology. I strongly benefit from my broad understanding of ERP systems and processes and IT as a “business enabler” in general. In my daily (research) work I use qualitative and quantitative methods as well as database and IT systems that go far beyond the MS office package. It has definitely been a great advantage to have learned the basics of SQL, Java, etc. And finally, the social and foreign language skills that I acquired at MCI along with the classes on management, leadership and organizational development have significantly helped my career.