Zana Jug

Manager Global CRM, Swarovski

Study program: Management, Communication & IT (Master)

When I look back at my time at MCI...

... I most certainly miss it. Studying at MCI meant that every single day I joined the class I would learn something new. It was always really exciting to listen to professors which were passionate about their work. I also miss all the group projects which I tackled with my fellow colleagues. Of course, sometimes came the struggles but we always made it fun!

After finishing my bachelor’s degree in International Business, it seemed like an obvious choice to integrate IT into my already existing knowledge of Economics. Nowadays, all economic processes are strongly integrated into IT systems, and understanding only one part is not enough. As I said: to build a successful career after Master’s, the MCiT master’s program was a clear choice.

Throughout the Master program, I was always impressed by how well MCiT keeps up with current trends in IT developments. For example, exploring Blockchain technologies was one of the major things we did in the third semester and I believe that put us in front of other students. It was of great value how MCiT involved us into real-world problems like exploring the new General Data Protection Regulation at its center in Brussels or learning about Innovations and Start-up scene in San Francisco and Palo Alto. But not only during studies, but MCiT also offers incredible support after studies, with its broad network of partners and alumni in all sectors and all over the world.

How did your studies prepare you for your current job?

Studying at MCiT provided me with theoretical knowledge, as well as practical experience for my current job role. As students, we were involved in several different projects which let us explore all aspects of Management, Communication and IT. Teamwork, Project management, and general IT are all important parts that I learned about at MCiT. However, for my current position it is most valuable that I learned how to speak both “languages”, IT and Management, to communicate with both sides of the CRM environment.