The Entrepreneurial School® - Beyond a University

The Entrepreneurial School® operates over and beyond the traditional field of activity of a university (beyond a university) and defines itself as a dynamic international centre for diverse partners and stakeholders from the worlds of science, business and society.

Research & Transfer Centers

Strategically important topics are dealt with in the research and transfer centers for the MCI. Within these centers, competence and know-how are created, bundled, further developed and made available to the economy and society. The common goal is to intensify the transfer of knowledge and technology between universities and business. In addition, sustainable, social and economic output is to be generated, which strengthens the competitiveness of the region. But international topics can also be investigated within the centers. Due to the continuous and direct exchange with business and industry, the research and transfer centers not only present research-relevant, but above all solution-oriented and application-oriented results. The top priority is always to provide the know-how and knowledge gained for society and the economy. The centers are integrated into the research areas (see link below).

Prof. DI Dr.-Ing. Michael Kraxner | Head of Research & Development R & D
Prof. DI Dr.-Ing. Michael Kraxner Head of Research & Development +43 512 2070 - 1800

Tailored programs for companies

Tailored programs for further education, training and coaching accompany companies and non-profit organizations in the acquisition, further development and solution-oriented implementation of know-how in their organization.

Tailored company programs are jointly coordinated with the needs of the respective organization and form an effective basis for strategy, organization and personnel development as well as the development of concrete solutions for operational problems.

Mag. Susanne E. Herzog | Head Executive Education
Mag. Susanne E. Herzog Head Executive Education

Community Service

At MCI, we support and encourage our students' sense of social responsibility and voluntary commitment. As a long-standing signatory of UN PRME and co-founder of the PRME Chapter DACH, it is particularly important to us to prepare students for their professional lives as responsible managers and specialists with a pronounced understanding of values and a solid ethical basis.

We offer a range of opportunities to get involved with the community, which students can take advantage of both as part of their regular studies and through extracurricular activities.

Mag. Regina Obexer, Master of Education | Senior Lecturer Student & Career Center
Mag. Regina Obexer, Master of Education Senior Lecturer +43 512 2070 - 1922

Distinguished Guest Lectures

With the internationally renowned "Distinguished Guest Lectures Series", the MCI offers an international platform for stimulus, dialogue and exchange of experience for students, alumni and guests with well-renowned personalities from the worlds of business, science, politics and society.

Mag. Bettina Stichauner | Head Alumni Center Alumni & Friends
Mag. Bettina Stichauner Head Alumni Center +43 512 2070 - 1700


The promotion of creativity, innovation, entrepreneurship and start-ups is part of the declared philosophy of the Entrepreneurial University®.

This is reflected in start-up-related courses (e.g. creativity techniques, project management, business planning, etc.), hands-on projects and case studies, innovative research and development and many other measures.

Idea competitions, start-up days, hackatons as well as the provision of know-how, networks or start-up financing provide further building blocks for promoting start-ups and entrepreneurship with high prospects of success.

Prof. DI Dr.-Ing. Michael Kraxner | Head of Research & Development R & D
Prof. DI Dr.-Ing. Michael Kraxner Head of Research & Development +43 512 2070 - 1800

Recruiting & Career

The MCI Career Center offers a variety of opportunities to meet tomorrow's talents on the MCI campus - be it in the form of an internship, job or job postings, recruiting events, field trips, academic work, etc.

The different Career Packages can be complemented with modules from other areas (e.g. Guest Lectures, Employer Branding, Sponsoring or similar) and offer ideal opportunities for cooperation with the Entrepreneurial University®.

Mag. Brigitte Huter | Head Student & Career Center Student & Career Center
Mag. Brigitte Huter Head Student & Career Center +43 512 2070 - 1900

Sponsorship & funding opportunities

The MCI offers attractive opportunities for collaboration in research, development, innovation and know-how transfer, study and training, start-ups and site development.

This includes joint research centers, endowed professorships, congresses or events, the awarding of prizes, awards or scholarships, innovative product placement and a variety of other measures.

We would be happy to explore with you tailor-made opportunities for the promotion of operational or idealistic purposes, image transfer or brand strengthening or to express your loyalty to the university.