Peace activist, public speaker and comedian, Israel

Why is the peace camp in Israel so weak?

(c) Shouster-Eliassi

Noam Shouster-Eliassi, 31, grew up in the only community in Israel where Palestinians and Jews live together in equality and by choice, Neve Shalom~Wahat Al Salam (“the Oasis of Peace”).

She was educated in a bi-lingual and bi-national school, and speaks fluent Arabic which strengthens her Middle Eastern identity that is based on family roots in Iran. Ms. Shouster has worked in peacebuilding programmes with Israelis and Palestinians since a young age including work engaging with a special UN based programme working with strategic populations in the Israeli society who were previously excluded from the peace process. Noam Shouster graduated from Brandeis University as a co-existence scholar. Throughout her studies, she worked with youth in Rwanda and was awarded the "Davis Peace Prize" for having developed peacebuilding programmes for HIV positive youth in Kigali, both children of perpetrators and survivors of the 1994 genocide.

Today Noam also includes humor, stand up and performance into her professional world attempting to tackle issues of racism, political identities and the conflict through creative means and also participated in a new show in the Haifa theater tackling these issues.

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