Code of Conduct

The MCI operates in an environment characterized by internationality, diversity, cultural variety, and academic curiosity. It promotes relevant scientific, economic, technological, and social issues and is aware of the responsibility entailed in these endeavors.

Our culture thrives on mutual respect, diversity, the commitment of all school members, entrepreneurial action, and responsibility towards society.

We observe the applicable legal regulations and the jointly developed guidelines and pay particular attention to academic standards in our thoughts and actions. In a complementary manner, the Code of Conduct serves as an orientation and framework for positive coexistence and cooperation.

The objective of the Code of Conduct is to establish a common framework for our behavior. The Code of Conduct is based on the MCI objectives, values, and success factors defined in the Mission Statement, and it supports us in achieving these objectives.

The Code of Conduct is addressed to all members of the Entrepreneurial School®.



  • We are committed to diversity and respect people regardless of gender, age, religious affiliation, origin, ethnicity, sexual orientation, physical or mental impairment, worldview, and social background.
  • Our interactions are guided by respect and appreciation. We strive for a friendly, fair, and tolerant interaction that contributes to a positive coexistence.
  • We are committed to integrating the aforementioned groups into our school community and an inclusive community.
  • We distance ourselves from offensive and discriminatory communication, aggressive behavior, racism, bullying and exclusion, and any form of sexual harassment and sexist behavior.



  • We are committed to the principle of environmental, economic, and social sustainability in the planning, organization, and implementation of school operations.
  • We responsibly use the school's resources.
  • We are aware of our academic mission in research and teaching, live this responsibility, and act according to the relevant guidelines and codes (e.g., PRME, Good Academic Practice, Ethics Guide).
  • MCI managers are aware of their responsibilities and act as role models.
  • We pay attention to the health, safety, and welfare of members of our school community.
  • We are aware of our responsibility in handling data and information, treat them with care and sensitivity, and observe the relevant guidelines.


Engagement & Commitment

  • As part of the Entrepreneurial School®, we are aware of the particular importance and impact of exemplary behavior internally and externally and contribute to our school's positive image.
  • Together, we shape a creative, innovative, and entrepreneurial culture in which initiative, commitment, and openness to new things are valued and lived.
  • We actively face new challenges and strive to solve problems constructively.


Communication & togetherness

  • We cultivate an open culture of discussion.
  • We use gender-sensitive language in our communication.
  • Our daily actions and personal interactions are based on a positive, trusting attitude. We support each other in our personal and professional development.
  • Constructive handling of criticism, appreciation, and praise are important to us.
  • In the event of misunderstandings and misconduct, we seek a clarifying discussion.


Communication & Contact Points

In case of concerns regarding the principles listed in the Code of Conduct, the following contact points are available, depending on the topic of responsibility:


  • Head of study program
  • Working Group for Equality, Diversity and the Advancement of Women
  • Complaints Committee of the College
  • Representative for persons with special needs
  • University Governance
  • ÖH MCI (e.g., year representatives, program representatives, school representatives)


Team & Faculty

  • Executive (e.g., department head)
  • Working Group for Equality, Diversity and the Advancement of Women
  • Representative for persons with special needs
  • Works Council
  • University Governance


Code of Conduct