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Transparency in teaching and continuous quality assurance as to the didactics and contents of the learning processes are vital elements in the design and implementation of structures for personalized learning processes at MCI. It is of essential importance to give students the opportunity to learn in collaborative settings based on application-oriented contents.

Good teaching is always focused on the student. Good instructional design is always based on the intention to help create a successful learning process for the student. And in order to be successful the teaching method must be matched with the desired learning outcome and the envisaged types of examination. All lectures, courses and seminars at MCI are, in design and orientation, based on these three vital elements for the creation of a successful teaching concept.

Principles for good Teaching

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The following are MCI’s essential principles for good and innovative teaching:

  • Personalized learning:
    The supplied learning materials are focused on the students in order to facilitate a personalized learning process.
  • Practice-oriented learning:
    Teachers ensure that the practical implementation of the taught contents in practice-related contexts relevant for the specific field is one of the priorities in teaching.
  • Collaborative learning:
    Peer learning facilitates active collaboration and interaction.
  • Objective-based learning:
    The development and implementation of the curricula are based on specific program and course objectives.
  • E-learning elements:
    The MCI learning management system is available to all students. Our digital campus enables students to virtually attend classes, and actively participate e.g. by asking questions. Forum discussions provide an opportunity for collaborative learning and allow for flexibility as to time and place.

What our Students said

“Overall, the e-portfolio project was one of the most challenging, yet most rewarding projects I ever had to deal with at university. It is definitely appropriate within the curriculum.” (evaluation 2019)

“The study tour to Asia was great! It made me realize how different cultural approaches are reflected in business life, too.” (evaluation 2018)

“One of the things I liked about the e-portfolio project was that it involved many different tasks, which gave me the opportunity to learn a lot, e.g. how to use new tools, to prioritize tasks, personal time management, etc.” (evaluation 2019)

“Working with Labster was exciting. I was able to repeat the simulation of lab experiments at home, and I really profited a lot from that.” (evaluation 2019)

“What I liked most was being able to watch the lecture series in my own time several times over. This contributes a lot to my learning outcome.” (evaluation 2018)

“I now have a digital badge in responsible management, which I can also post on my social media channels. Some of my contacts have already commented on it.”

“The bridging course in mathematics was vital for me. It gave me a head start into the semester.”


The innovative competence of many members of the MCI faculty is not least evidenced by the prizes and awards received for good innovative teaching at MCI.