Quality and Excellence

Academic standards, practical relevance, a commitment to achievement, an international orientation, professional services and consistent quality assurance have enabled the MCI to position itself on the international university market in the last few years. Consistently impressive results in accreditation processes, polls and rankings are confirmation of the MCI’s high quality standards and level of acceptance and a source of international reputation and trust.

Quality management

Prof. Yeongmi Kim, PhD Professor

In 2021 the MCI underwent the mandatory institutional audit and additional, voluntary institutional accreditation. The processes were handled by FIBAA (Foundation for International Business Administration Accreditation). In both cases the MCI was awarded the Premium Seal.

The MCI’s process-oriented quality management system relates to the quality goals and parameters defined in its Mission Statement & Success Factors.

It guarantees fulfillment of a legal requirement to implement quality management as a central steering tool on the one hand and to achieve the university’s quality goals as defined in its mission statement on the other. Due account is also taken of European standards, external accreditation requirements and the results of polls and rankings.

The inclusion of all relevant stakeholders, process orientation and a commitment to continuous improvement are key principles for the implementation and further development of the MCI’s quality assurance concept in accordance with European and international standards.


Tributes & Awards

Numerous tributes and awards made to MCI students, faculty and staff are clear proof of the high standards of quality at the Entrepreneurial School®. The awards and prizes from home and abroad are a reflection of the outstanding achievements, expertise and innovative ideas available at the MCI.


The honorary rank of Senator is the highest award made by the MCI to public figures in science, politics and society in general who have made an outstanding contribution to the success of the MCI.

In the last few years, the following persons have been made Senators of the MCI:

MCI Senators Year of Nomination
 Downloads (only available in german)
DDr. Herwig van Staa 2012  pdfLebenslauf Herwig van Staa
Dr. Josef Hörnler 2012  pdfLebenslauf Josef Hoernler
Ferdinand Eberle 2010  pdfLaudatio Eberle Ferdinand
Prof. Dr. Werner Plunger 2009  pdfLaudatio Werner Plunger
Univ.-Prof. Dr. Manfried Gantner 2007  pdfLebenslauf Manfried Gantner