#responsible MCI Stories

MCI and the SDGs

At MCI | The Entrepreneurial School®, we are committed to help tackle the wicked challenges of our time.

Such a goal requires innovative thinking, agility, creativity, perseverance, enthusiasm and risk-taking – qualities closely aligned with our entrepreneurial spirit and mission. The UN Sustainable Development Goals provide us with the overarching framework for this ambition.

The #responsibleMCI | Stories series profiles individuals and teams at MCI | The Entrepreneurial School® and beyond, who are engaged in sustainable development, social and environmental responsibility, ethics, and social entrepreneurship.

A colourful mix of stories in different formats paints an inspiring picture of our community's many #responsibleMCI projects and initiatives. This series is designed to educate and inform a wide-ranging audience and thus help create awareness about MCI activities supporting the SDGs as well as illustrate our efforts to educate responsible leaders and professionals. Furthermore, this series will give insight into how anyone can make a difference and contribute to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

New stories are released on a regular basis.

Podcast mit Katrin Bach and Urban Aufschnaiter

Episode 5

Obtaining value from organic waste - Can cosmetics and cleaning agents be made from apple residues? [in GERMAN]

If you want to find out what can be extracted from apple pomace as bio waste, how detergent and cosmetics manufacturers can use this in their production process, and what this has to do with sustainability, don’t miss this interview with MCI researchers Katrin Bach and Urban Aufschnaiter.

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Podcast mit Thomas Hämmerle

Episode 4

The new black gold - charcoal! [in GERMAN]

In this interview, Thomas Hämmerle provides insight into a research project in which sustainable energy production and agriculture are linked and gain from each other. Find out what functions charcoal has in the context of the SDGs - and in your own vegetable garden.

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Podcast mit Angela Hofmann, Dominik Bosch and Rene Nußbaumer

Episode 3

Sustainable production of activated carbon [in GERMAN]

What does biochar from wood-fired power plants have to do with wastewater treatment? In this interview, MCI researchers Professor Angela Hofmann, Dominik Bosch and Rene Nußbaumer explain how they are investigating the use of waste and residual wood for energy generation and the use of the resulting and refined residual materials in the form of activated carbon at MCI’s Josef Ressel Center.

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Podcast mit Siegfried Walch and Lukas Kerschbaumer

Epidode 2

How to ski during a pandemic? COVID and Winter Tourism in Tyrol. [In ENGLISH]

Listen to MCI researchers Siegfried Walch and Lukas Kerschbaumer explain how they and their team got involved in developing strategies designed to save winter tourism in Tyrol during the COVID pandemic, how they approached this difficult task, and what came out of their work.

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Podcast mit Markus Frischhut

Episode 1

Is technology moral? EU Values & Ethics for digital challenges. [In ENGLISH]

In this interview, MCI Professor Markus Frischhut, talks about the challenges rapid technology development poses for society, and discusses why ethics and values in the era of digitalisation and artificial intelligence really matter.

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