September 06th 2018

MCI goes Scandinavia

MCI enters into new partnerships with renowned Scandinavian universities: a network of 250 partner institutions make MCI one of the most international institutions of higher education in the German-speaking world

Umea University in the northern part of Sweden, one of  the new MCI partner institutions. Photo: Elin Berge
Umea University in the northern part of Sweden, one of the new MCI partner institutions. Photo: Elin Berge

MCI announces another success: its consistent efforts have paid off and the Entrepreneurial School® has finally succeeded in forming new partnerships with three high-ranking universities in Norway and Sweden.

Scandinavia is one of the most popular destinations for students in Europe to spend a semester or year abroad. The Nordic lifestyle, the high quality of teaching, the pronounced environmental awareness and the beauty of nature make these countries particularly attractive for foreign students. Moreover, most courses are offered in English, therefore averting the need to be able to speak the respective national language.

MCI already has a significant network of partner institutions in Scandinavia. The most recent additions allow it to further broaden and enhance its range of offers.

  • The NHH Norwegian School of Economics is the most important university for business administration and economics in Norway. With around 3,000 students, the school is similar in size and focus to MCI. NHH is located in the port city of Bergen, with a beautiful view of the fjords.  In 2017, Bergen hosted the UCI Road World Championships, providing yet another link to Innsbruck, the host city for the event in 2018. As for the partnership programs, especially students of Management & Law and International Business & Management are encouraged to spend their semester abroad at NHH.
  • The Oslo Metropolitan University is located in Norway's capital Oslo. It is a relatively young institution - in its current form, the university, which was formed by the merger of several small institutions, has only existed since the beginning of 2018. The opportunities provided by Oslo Met are aimed in particular at students in the field of mechatronics. Oslo is the center of one of the economically strongest and most socially progressive countries in the world. It also exhibits many points of contact with the sea and maintains strong ties to famous sports and leisure facilities such as those of Holmenkollen.
  • Furthermore, a cooperation between MCI and Umeå University focuses on technology and life sciences. Umeå is located in the northern part of Sweden, offering students an intense experience of the natural spectacles of Scandinavia, such as the northern lights and very long summer days.

As with the other two partner institutions, the agreement with Umeå not only includes the opportunity for MCI students to study abroad, but also for MCI to welcome students from Norway and Sweden to study in Innsbruck for a time.

MCI is a sought-after partner in the international academic landscape. This is particularly due to its outstanding quality of teaching, practice-oriented research, excellent Career Center and the exemplary support it provides to students. In addition, Innsbruck and Tyrol has a lot to offer to sports and nature enthusiasts.

Susanne Lichtmannegger, head of MCI International Relations, is delighted: "In the ERASMUS area, study stays in Scandinavia are the most popular. With the new partnership agreements, MCI is able to expand its range of options to combine studying at the Entrepreneurial School® with the benefits offered by top partner institutions in attractive locations. By maintaining 250 partnership agreements, MCI is one of the most international institutions in European higher education."

MCI Rector Andreas Altmann: "We consider spending a semester or year abroad to be an integral part of studying at MCI. In addition to academic qualities and knowledge of foreign languages, international experience and networks as well as having to assert oneself in an international environment are of considerable importance. These are also decisive criteria for MCI's internship partners and the future employers of our graduates."

Mag. Susanne Crawford | Assistant & Project Manager Marketing & Communications
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