November 29th 2023


MCI stands for freedom, democracy, tolerance, and the rule of law

MCI | The Entrepreneurial School® has set an international benchmark with its Distinguished Guest Lecture Series. High-ranking personalities from all over the world frequently enrich our students, researchers, teachers, alumnae & alumni, and guests with interesting questions, topics, content, impulses, perspectives, and often unexpected behind-the-scenes insights.

Academic discourse, listening, dialog, tolerance and discussion are the guiding principles of this academic lecture & discussion series and form the basis for appreciative mutual learning and understanding. They allow for an expansion of one's own horizon, academic development, personal growth, mutual networking, and social cohesion for the benefit of the common location.

In this context, the MCI resolutely rejects any questionable external pressure as to who is invited to give an academic guest lecture at the university and any attempts to appropriate, instrumentalize, disrupt or prevent this series of events for questionable purposes and transparent special interests. When dialog dies, democracy dies.

Thus, on the part of the MCI
YES to democracy, freedom, tolerance, and the rule of law and NO to Cancel Culture!


For MCI | The Entrepreneurial School®

  • Franz Pegger & Claudia Mössenlechner, Head of MCI Academic Council
  • Johannes Dickel, Head of MCI staff council
  • Laura Flür & Julian Pfurtscheller, Head of MCI ÖH student representation
  • Bettina Stichauner, Head of MCI Alumni & Friends
  • Andreas Altmann, MCI Rector


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