May 25th 2022

From start-ups to international success.

The owner and president of the Oberalp Group talks about successful management and his advice for young entrepreneurs.

Heiner Oberrauch, Inhaber und Präsident der Oberalp Group



Coming from a family of entrepreneurs, Heiner Oberrauch received the tools for successful entrepreneurship at an early age. At 19, his father not only handed him and his brother the keys to their own sports store, but also one hundred percent trust and responsibility. Oberrauch seized his chance to take on leadership at a young age, which to him is a skill you cannot learn theoretically, but need to experience practically.

For Oberrauch, a successful company not only gives value to its product, but to the people, especially his customers and employees. His father taught him the importance of employees, who put their heart and soul into their work. He achieves this by appreciating employees and giving them freedom for self-development.

Based on the idea that "positive attracts positive," Oberrauch creates an environment in which his team feels comfortable: "A friendly word, a smile, and the day starts off better already." He does not dwell on weaknesses or mistakes, but instead focuses on the strengths of those around him. Oberrauch also recognizes that a healthy and eventful work-life balance is more important to today's generation than possessions, which is why adventurous company trips and joint mountain sports are on the after-work agenda.

Finally, Heiner Oberrauch calls for courage: Courage to dare something new and make mistakes; courage to face crises and learn from them; and courage not only to welcome change, but also to see it as an opportunity. With this in mind, he gives young entrepreneurs three tips to take with them: active listening, following your heart and, finally, taking action - "nothing good happens, unless you make it happen.”