• Master's program Medical Technologies
Kennzahl der Lehrveranstaltung
Niveau der Lehrveranstaltung laut Lehrplan
  • Master
Semester in dem die Lehrveranstaltung angeboten wird
  • 3
Anzahl der zugewiesenen ECTS-Credits
  • 5.0
Name des/der Vortragenden
  • Dipl.Ing.(FH) Goldbach Günter
Lernergebnisse der Lehrveranstaltung
  • Students
    • Know and understand the key points on relevant standards for medical product development, certification, marketing and market surveillance
    • ISO 9001 Quality Management
    • DIN 58298 Medical Instruments
    • ISO 22870 Point of Care diagnostics POCT
    • ISO 23640 In-vitro-Diagnostics
    • Are familiar with good clinical practice GCP
    • Are able to design a CRF case report form
Art der Veranstaltung
  • face-to-face
Voraussetzungen laut Lehrplan
  • none
  • - Software as a medical product
    - Medical device Vigilance
    - Risk Management on medical products ISO 14971
    - Electrical safety, legal base and inspection
    - Sterile products legal base and inspection
    - Inspection on medical devices
    - CAPA Corrective And Preventive Action Processes
    - Shelf time and Live cycle of medical products and in-vitro-Diagnostics
empfohlene Fachliteratur
  • - Standards:
    o ISO 13485 Medical Devices
    o ISO 9001 Quality Management
    o ISO 14971 Medical Devices Risk Management
    o IEC 60601 / 80601 Electrical Medical Devices
    o DIN 58298 Medical Instruments
    o ISO 22870 Point of Care diagnostics POCT
    o ISO 23640 In-vitro-Diagnostics
    o ISO 14155 Clinical Trials on Medical Products
    o GCP-ICH
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Lehr- und Lernformen
  • The course comprises an interactive mix of lectures, discussions and individual and group work.
  • To monitor the students’ learning this course will provide ongoing assignments as a basis for feedback and grading (formative assessment) and/or will evaluate the students learning at the end of the course or an instructional unit via exams, final project reports, essays or seminar papers (summative assessment).
  • English